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...Every single moment of every single show that
House of Deviant does,


Ellen Groves, Creative Practitioner


Transforming LIVEs

At the core of our mission lies a profound transformation of lives. We are committed to amplifying the voices, autonomy, control, and opportunities of individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism.

Historically, these individuals have been marginalized, with limited say in their own lives, restricted opportunities, and subsequently, diminished confidence and self-esteem.


Our goal is to revolutionise this narrative.


Through the art of drag performance, a role often associated with prestige, we facilitate an exploration of power and control, paving the way for empowerment.


Flossie Sunshine eloquently expresses how drag allows her to delve into diverse personas, stating, ““being in the House of deviant is an amazing achievement because I feel like I’m a different person, I become a sassy person


Miss Shade Bitch shares how performing in drag has bolstered her confidence and social interactions, remarking, “It helps me to socialise and gives me confidence. It makes me fabulous to learn to do make up and dance routines and change my voice”.  

Transforming society

Through our mesmerizing shows and performances, we unveil to the world the limitless possibilities that unfold with the right support and opportunities.

We exemplify the remarkable talents of individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism, defying common assumptions and showcasing their undeniable prowess.

Despite prevailing doubts regarding the capabilities of individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism, the House of Deviant triumphantly challenges these notions.


We highlight their true potential, emphasising that a diagnosis should never impede one's aspirations and accomplishments.

"Absolutely brilliant. I saw a performance at WMC as part of Unity Festival and the gals were super hilarious. Drag-ma held together the wonders and inventiveness of the whole gang so brilliantly. Amazing to see such a celebration of everything it is-and might be-to be a human person. Empowering to watch and empowering to be in, it looked like!"

Audience Review

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