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about us

The House of Deviant is Wales' first and only learning disabled drag troupe.


We are a South Wales based coproduced project that uses drag performance as a vehicle to explore self-esteem and autonomy with adults with learning disabilities, who can otherwise have difficulties with issues such as social isolation and getting their voices heard.


Since it’s beginnings in Autumn 2020, The House of Deviant has been spreading fierce sass and fabulousness at live and online events across the UK including at:

Pride Cymru

Riverfront Theatre

Chapter Arts Centre

Pride events

Electric Umbrella TV

Innovate Insight App Parties

Gig Buddies Events

Hijinx Unity Festival with Drag Syndrome


Still in its early days, and supported by professional drag artist Ernie Sparkles, the House of Deviant’s Queens have already found that they see themselves more positively and feel they can be more assertive in getting their voices heard.

House of Deviant is a project by Fflamingo CIC. You can find out more about the company at their website here (

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