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Show poster for the Eurovision Watch Party in Cardiff Bay. The image is of Cardiff Bay in pink and blue with the show title.

Missed out on a Eurovision ticket babes? Don’t worry, House of Deviant have got your back! 

Thought Eurovision was Queer AF? Bitch, it’s just got Queerer! 

This is Eurovision with Queens, cocktails and more key changes than Carey at Christmas. 

Watch along with the Queens from the House of Deviant where we unite with music, cheer on our favourite country and have a shoulder to cry on when we see the UK get Nil Pwah (Je nais parlez vous francais). 

Warning: May contain chaos, drinking games and extra chromosomes. 


The Deviants 

Logo for Wales Millennium Centre
Logo for Wales Millennium Centre

House of Deviant - Untied


Welcome to the tantalizing world of House of Deviant – Untied, where our Kings and Queens break free from all constraints and norms as they take to the stage solo and "defy gravity" without a safety net in sight!

Brace yourself as they navigate uncharted territories, weaving a tapestry of defiance and liberation that will challenge your perceptions and ignite your imagination.

Welcome to a realm where boundaries are shattered, and the only rule is to unleash your inner deviant.

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