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We are currently a self funded project, meaning our only source of income is through the money we generate ourselves through performances and shows. This naturally limits our reach and how many people we can work with. At the moment there is a waiting list of people who want to come and be part of the project. 


Whilst funding streams are an option they take time and resources to apply, and are not guaranteed. On top of this, drag is not the cheapest of art forms! 

There are many ways you can support us:

- Donate to our project via PayPal - click donate button here:

- Become a patron by supporting us on our Patreon page (coming soon)

- Buy some House of Deviant merchandise at our online store - here 

- Buy tickets to one of our shows

- Like us on social media and share us with your contacts

*please note the payments are collected by iheartfflamingo which is the parent company of House of Deviant. Any income received via this button will be ring fenced for the House of Deviant project.


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