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We are currently funded by the Arts Council of Wales (  but this is for a specific project within our work. Our general work and funding comes through the money we generate ourselves through performances and shows. This naturally limits our reach and how many people we can work with. At the moment there is a waiting list of people who want to come and be part of the project. 

Whilst funding streams are an option they take time and resources to apply, and are not guaranteed. On top of this, drag is not the cheapest of art forms!

See below for some of the ways that you can support us to reach more people, recruit and train more performers and make a difference!




Did you know it can cost around £1000 to on-board a new queen to the House of Deviant. Makeup and sparkly costumes are not cheap!

Our project is free to take part in and we do not charge our members to join us. 

Whilst we are currently lucky to have received some short term funding from the Arts Council of Wales, this is not guaranteed.

One way to support us is through donations. Click below to access our Paypal donation site, or email



You can buy Merchandise from our online store! All profits from the sale of our merchandise goes directly to the House of Deviant project and helps us to continue our work.


Book Tickets to our Shows

Book tickets to our shows and performances! Not only do we get a large proportion of the ticket sales but we also get to enjoy entertaining you! 

You get the satisfaction of a good night out whilst also knowing that the money you paid to watch us goes to continuing our work!


Follow our Socials

Follow our social media channels! This way you can keep up to date with the exciting things we are getting up to, discover more about us, and hear all the latest news and gossip!

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